GoCNCN.com -- Collegiate NationThe Student-Exclusive Superpower

Purpose Statement

The future of our planet will be shaped and determined, in large measure, by the ideas and talents of the students being educated within the world's universities and colleges. We believe there is no demographic more powerful and that this group of upcoming world contributors deserves a company exclusively focused on providing them with every service, tool, product and creative space they need to create the future they want. This is why Collegiate Nation was founded.

As a company, while remaining profitable, we have no desire to resemble the typical for-profit organization. Our commitment includes the uncompromising pledge to protect personal privacy and insure that every college student retains total control and ownership of personal data and all submissions. What's Yours, Stays Yours.

Collegiate Nation originally began as an idea by a former Kent State University student and implemented by an alumna of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

We think of Collegiate Nation as an opportunity for each individual student to have an immediate impact on the world today, and tomorrow. We want to make it possible for the world to listen and care about the ideas, experiences and creations of young authorities--the collegiate students.