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Membership Levels and Rights

Collegiate Nation is exclusively for college students. Any college student may join, no matter where in the world the university or college is located.

Citizens: Subscribed members are referred to as Citizens.

Contributors: Non-subscribed members are called Contributors. As a Contributor, you are excluded from areas reserved only for subscribed members.

Rights and Access Level of Citizens

-- No advertising.

-- No Google Adsense codes.

-- No tracking.

-- We do not sell or trade your information.

-- No data mining.

-- No face recognition technology.

-- No photo tagging.

-- Unlimited access to all postings, provided privacy settings set by other Citizens or Contributors does not block access.

-- Unlimited photo uploads.

-- Unlimited personal video uploads. (coming soon)

-- Unlimited blogs.

-- Edit or delete whatever you submit, anytime.

-- Post anonymously in most areas.

-- Free student-student classifieds section to sell or give away stuff. (coming soon)

-- Post anonymous comments in most areas.

-- Delete your comments anytime.

-- Post anonymously on your Wall.

-- Create private, protected, or public groups.

-- Create your own polls.

-- Participate in all competitions (coming soon).

-- Suggest / demand the creation of new categories and features.

-- Post on Love-n-Likes

Access Level of Contributors:

Contributors have limited access and are restricted from entering areas reserved for Citizens. Contributors enjoy all privacy rights attributed to Citizens.


Citizens pay 6.00/ month. If you pay for an entire year upfront, the discounted yearly rate is only 45.00. You essentially receive five months for FREE, over the retail monthly fee.