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Send Email or Text That Self Destruct

March 26, 2012
"Privacy Mom" / aka Evelyn Castillo-Bach

As most people know, your text messages and email communication hang around, seemingly forever. Even after deleting a text or email, there's a good chance that some server somewhere has it. New on the scene are a line of services that will self-destruct your email and text messages as soon as they are read. If the companies promoting these products can be believed, your messages will be destroyed, forever.

Here is the list compiled, not by me, but by Ms. Smith, the Privacy Fanatic -- a person who I follow.

Free Services:

Allows you to create a confidential note that will self-destruct after being read. You are given a link to your note and can choose to be notified when the note is read, but the link won't open the note again. The Privnote privacy policy states, "Since only the link binds the decryption key to the note's content and since Privnote does not have the link, at no time is any note held in any readable format state at Privnote....When a note is retrieved, its data is completely removed from Privnote, which implies there is absolutely no way to recover it again. When a note is not retrieved after 30 days, Privnote removes it permanently, just as if it were read."

Allows users to anonymously create an online message that will be destroyed either by a timer which starts as soon as the recipient opens the message, or the recipient leaves the page. Burn Note FAQ states that each message has a unique link that can be sent via email, text message, or other digital means. There's no logging in and none of the notes are archived. "By default Burn Notes are created with the 'Short phrases' display option which prevents the recipient from copy and pasting their contents. The 'Spyglass' display option also prevents copy and paste of note contents."

"You create a note, it's encrypted and after the message is unlocked and read, the message is deleted into the digital ether."

"Need to send online messages that literally self destruct after being opened? You can opt for the message to be destroyed after being read."

Self Destruct
"Text messages need not cause embarrassment for long." 60 seconds after being read, the note is destroyed. It's "a great way to tease or have fun, with the peace of mind that it will not come back to haunt you." There's no need to login and you will be notified immediately after your recipient has opened your message.

Allows you to set the self-destruct timer from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, but once the clock reaches zero, the message is destroyed. "This ensures your message is read by no one but the reader and all evidence of the message is erased. Messages are also anonymous unless you add any identifiable information to your message."

TMWSD (This Message Will Self-Destruct)
" Messages sent are encrypted, securely transferred, and automatically deleted when they are retrieved."

This message will self-destruct: Destroy digital evidence before it destroys you

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Evelyn Castillo-Bach is the founder of CollegiateNation.com

Company Information:
Collegiate Nation--also known as GoCNCN.com- - is the first and only private network exclusively for college students. Collegiate Nation has banned all tracking and all ads. Any college student with an "edu" address may join for free. Collegiate Nation has a 2-tier membership structure that promises the same privacy protection to its free members. Premium level members who subscribe for $6.00/ month have access to all site areas.

Evelyn Castillo-Bach is also the founder of UmeNow which entered into its silent launch in July 2011.

Both UmeNow and Collegiate Nation are known for fiercely protecting the privacy rights of its members. All ads, third party apps and games are banned because they are back doors to tracking and extracting private information. Castillo-Bach earned her M.S. in 1993 from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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