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Tracking College Students is Banned by Collegiate Nation -- GoCNCN.com

Pembroke Pines, Florida (UmeNow) November 09, 2011

Online tracking is the single most serious threat that college students face today. Whether you play college sports or are studying accounting, what you post on free sites can derail your future.The student-exclusive social network GoCNCN.com -- Collegiate Nation is fighting to protect college students by banning all forms of tracking. Any college student with an edu address may join for free.

“Online tracking -- especially by social networking giants that know who your friends are, what you think, and where you are right now -- is the single most serious threat that college students face today,” says Evelyn Castillo-Bach, the outspoken privacy advocate, entrepreneur and founder of Collegiate Nation. "All the tuition paid, all the studying and hard work can be wiped out in a blink by one post on social networks that are tracking every action, every association, and every preference."

To protect college students, GoCNCN.com -- Collegiate Nation allows students to post anonymously, use any name and delete any post, anytime. "Tracking," explains Castillo-Bach, "takes on many forms. It ranges from tagging, to face recognition technology, following what you look at, who you know, and where you've been. We have banned it all."

College students have the most to lose, says Castillo-Bach. “A college student's entire future can be derailed easily when every social moment is stored on some databases, forever. We don't do that. When a student deletes something, it's gone."

Collegiate Nation is against tracking, the creation of shadow profiles, and any practice that allows companies to make money by selling, sharing or trading information about college students. “Public social networks are giant data collectors. College students need to get off those grids. We advise to post nothing on public sites that you don’t want to see on the front page of your hometown newspaper, on an search engine, or on the desk of a recruiter or future employer," says Castillo-Bach.

Collegiate Nation is supported only by student subscriptions. “We owe our loyalty to college students and not special interests. We are independent,” says Castillo-Bach.

Collegiate Nation originally launched last year and was totally redesigned this year, following the recommendations of its student members. Any college student with an edu address can join for free, although students are encouraged to become subscribed members to gain access to all site areas. Evelyn Castillo-Bach earned her M.S. in 1993 from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


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