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We are the first and only private network for college students.

We are the only student network that has banned all tracking.

We are totally committed to protecting student privacy and freedom.

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Don't throw away your future by posting on public sites that don't protect you. We protect you from recruiters, employers and even colleges and graduate schools that are spying for dirt on college students. We do this by being a private network with no ads, or third party apps and games that spy on you. No matter what privacy settings you use on public sites, you're not protected. Data miners and data brokers get your info anyway through the ads,  apps, and games on public sites.

Take Action. Move all your college communication to our super-private student only network. We take the confusion out of privacy. Very simple. This is what you want.


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We provide a service where you control everything. When you delete something, we really delete it. FOREVER!

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